DEHYDRATION – Five Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Monday, December 07, 2015

Very often we have to tell our patients that they need to drink more water. We then explain the importance of water and how being dehydrated can cause not only dry skin, headaches, and fatigue but also can lead to back pain and most importantly inactive muscles. This isn’t all though. Our spines have discs that are also made of fluid and our joints are lubricated through synovial sacs that are also made of fluid. So, imagine if our bodies are to the point of dehydration. Our spinal discs, joints, muscles, and minds will be dry of life. Water alone is a key ingredient to “rejuvinnating” your body.

It’s clear how water can supply nourishment to your discs, joints, and mind, but how about the muscles? One muscle in particular is often directly related to water and most people refer to it as the “hip flexor” or “runner’s muscle” also known as the psoas. The psoas is related to water because the kidney acupuncture meridian supplies the psoas and the best nutrition for the kidneys is water. If the psoas does not receive a sufficient amount of nourishment, it will become less active where the muscle will fatigue and cause low back pain. Why low back pain? Well, the psoas happens to attach to the vertebrae (bones) and discs in your lower back. Now that we have an idea of the connection between water, muscles, and your body, let’s discuss five reasons why you should stay hydrated.

1. Decrease chances of Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). This issue can lead to pain, stiffness, and swelling. By keeping your body hydrated with water, you can decrease your chances of developing DJD.
2. Decrease mental and physical fatigue. By now, you or someone you know has been dehydrated to the point of fatigue. This can happen on a regular basis or while being active. Drinking enough water on a daily basis is important but it is also important to note that hiking or any sort of physical activity can cause you to lose a lot of water so make sure to drink extra water when active to compensate for the amount lost.
3. Increase energy levels. Most people drink tea or coffee to wake themselves up in the morning. Try a glass of room temperature water instead. Once you continue this routine and allow your body to adapt, your energy levels will increase as well as your efficiency.
4. Increase muscle activation and strength. As discussed above, water can help activate and give strength to your psoas muscle. This muscle is important in flexing your hip and allowing external rotation. You use it for walking and running which are things we do everyday. Let’s make sure our psoas is working optimally by drinking that water!
5. Decrease low back pain. With a properly working psoas muscle and kidney meridian, low back pain can be significantly reduced. It is too often that we see a patient walk in with low back pain due to a dehydrated psoas muscle, which could have easily been prevented by keeping hydrated.

We understand that drinking a lot of water everyday is difficult for some people, but we can guarantee the benefits are endless. Also, remember that juice, coffee, tea, smoothies, and any other fluid (including water with lemon) does not count as water. Pure water alone is the only thing that counts. Coffee and tea act as diuretics, which can cause you to lose more water than attain. If this sounds familiar and you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, give them a glass of water, quick! Also, don’t forget to seek an applied kinesiology physician to examine your psoas for proper activation and to see if you’re drinking enough water!

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